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About Rayna McKenzie

...the person behind Rays of Clarity:

Greetings and Welcome to Rays of Clarity!


My name is Rayna McKenzie and I am an attorney with a passion and knack for organization. I have always been the girl with lists, plans, a well used planner, and a love of clear, clean spaces. I have always appreciated and strived for order with a pop of color to make the things that I must do a bit more pleasant. I learned that what came easy to me was quite difficult for many and decided to start Rays of Clarity to share my talents and quirks with you.


While waiting anxiously for my bar exam results, I did a bit of soul searching. I took stock of what I was good at, what brought me joy, and what I could do to pass the time. I made a committment to finally follow through with an interest, a passion, and an idea. And thus, Rays of Clarity was formed!


In this crowded, fast paced, and demanding world, it is imperative that you make the most of your space and have effective and efficient methods and tools in place to get things done and create a healthy balance.


I look forward to shedding rays of clarity in whatever aspect of your life where you may need it.



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